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Department of Marine Sciences

at The Faculty of Science

Department of Marine Sciences
PO Box 460
SE40530 Göteborg
Visiting address: Guldhedsgatan 5a, 40530 Göteborg

Head of Department: Per Hall

About the unit

The Department of Marine Sciences brings together research focuses within oceanography, geology, chemistry, biology and conservation.

This research is carried out both within individual subjects and in larger multidisciplinary projects. We have a number of nationally unique research fields, with the flagship being our ultra-modern infrastructure for marine research and education, with a brand new 45 metre research vessel, Skagerak, and two new research stations, Kristineberg and Tjärnö.

Its operations are interdisciplinary in nature and involve both other departments at the Faculty of Science and other University of Gothenburg faculties, as well as other educational institutions in Sweden and worldwide. By working together with research colleagues from other scientific disciplines, the department will also be able to take on the big global challenges.

The department’s vision is to be a national leader and to carry out activities of the highest international class within the field of marine sciences.

All that happen within the marine and the maritime areas within University of Gothenburg is highlighted by the Centre for Sea and Society.

List of all personnel sorted by titel

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Name Title Phone Email
Abrahamsson, Katarina Professor +46 31 7869051 katarina.abrahamsson@gu.se
Abramova, Anna Doctoral student anna.abramova@marine.gu.se
Alm Rosenblad, Magnus Researcher +46 31 7863958 magnus.almrosenblad@marine.gu.se
Anderson, Leif Professor +46 31 7869005 leifand@chem.gu.se
André, Carl Professor, Marine ecology. Population genetics +46 31 7869633 carl.andre@marine.gu.se
Appelgren, Monica Research engineer +46 31 7862704 monica.appelgren@marine.gu.se
Assmann, Karen Researcher +46 31 7862836 karen.assmann@marine.gu.se
Baumann, Kajsa Doctoral student palmers@chem.gu.se
Berdan, Emma Postdoctor +46 31 7863672 emma.berdan@gu.se
Björdal, Charlotte Professor +46 31 7864717 charlotte.bjordal@marine.gu.se
Björk, Göran Professor +46 31 7862858 goran.bjork@marine.gu.se
Blomberg, Anders Professor, Yeast, Gene-expression, Stress, Metabolism. Functional genomics, Proteomics,Phenomics Bio... +46 31 7862589 anders.blomberg@marine.gu.se
Bornmalm, Lennart Senior lecturer +46 31 7862824 lennart.bornmalm@marine.gu.se
Bourlat, Sarah Researcher +46 31 7863863 sarah.bourlat@marine.gu.se
Brock, Elisabet Project Leader elisabet.brock@marine.gu.se
Broström, Göran Senior lecturer +46 31 7862875 goran.brostrom@marine.gu.se
Butlin, Roger Professor, gäst roger.butlin@marine.gu.se
Casari, Barbara Study counsellor +46 31 7863763 barbara.casari@marine.gu.se
Cervin, Gunnar Principal research engineer +46 31 7869689 gunnar.cervin@marine.gu.se
Clarke, Louise Postdoctor +46 31 7869114 louise.biddle@gu.se
Dahlgren, Thomas Researcher +46 703-662042 thomas.dahlgren@marine.gu.se
De Abreu, Daniela Postgraduate Student daniela.de.abreu@marine.gu.se
de Wit, Pierre Postdoctoral research fellow +46 31 7869550 pierre.de_wit@marine.gu.se
Eimer, Friederike Doctoral student +46 31 7869645 friederike.eimer@marine.gu.se
Ekeroth, Nils Researcher nils.ekeroth@gu.se
Eriander, Louise Researcher louise.eriander@marine.gu.se
Fernandez Ricaud, Luciano Francisco Researcher +46 31 7863803 luciano.fernandez@marine.gu.se
Field, Dawn Professor, gäst dawn.field@gu.se
Fredriksson, Sam Researcher sam.fredriksson@marine.gu.se
Gallego Urrea, Julián Alberto Researcher +46 31 7869053 julian.gallego@marine.gu.se
Gamfeldt, Lars Researcher lars.gamfeldt@marine.gu.se
Gisslevik, Gunilla Finance administrative officer +46 31 7866454 gunilla.gisslevik@marine.gu.se
Godhe, Anna Professor +46 31 7862709 anna.godhe@marine.gu.se
Gondikas, Andreas Postdoctor andreas.gondikas@gu.se
Grebner, Wiebke Postdoctor wiebke.grebner@marine.gu.se
Gross, Susanna Doctoral student +46 31 7862947 susanna.gross@marine.gu.se
Hall, Per Professor, Head of Department +46 31 7869062 perhall@chem.gu.se
Hassellöv, Martin Professor +46 31 7869050 martin.hassellov@gu.se
Havenhand, Jonathan Researcher +46 31 7869682 jon.havenhand@marine.gu.se
Heuzé, Céline Postdoctor celine.heuze@gu.se
Holmkvist, Maria Communications officer +46 31 7865444 maria.holmkvist@gu.se
Hylén, Astrid Doctoral student +46 31 7869056 astrid.hylen@marine.gu.se
Infantes, Eduardo Postdoctoral research fellow +46 31 7869567 eduardo.infantes@marine.gu.se
Jahnke, Marlene Researcher marlene.jahnke@gu.se
Jakobsson, Stina Doctoral student +46 31 7866720 stina.jakobsson@marine.gu.se
Jamsek, Adriana Study administrator +46 31 7864602 adriana.jamsek@gu.se
Jettmar, Karen Research assistant karen.jettmar@gu.se
Johannesson, Bo Principal research engineer, Course leader for the course BIO015 H15 Evolutionsbiologi and webmaster... +46 31 7869626 bo.johannesson@marine.gu.se
Johannesson, Kerstin Professor, Evolution, Speciation, Marine +46 31 7869611 kerstin.johannesson@marine.gu.se
Jonsson, Per Professor +46 31 7869627 per.jonsson@marine.gu.se

Showing 1 - 50 of 125

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