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Sustainable Kelp Aquaculture in Sweden


End seminar given by our finishing PhD student.

Seaweed aquaculture is gaining more interest worldwide, including Europe. However, despite its long coast it is still very minor in Sweden. As seaweed cultivation does not use fertilisers, pesticides, fresh water irrigation, or arable land, they are an attractive complement to crop cultivation on land. To establish a sustainable seaweed aquaculture industry, a better understanding the effects of site selecting as well as environmental impact of seaweed farms is crucial. In addition, the development of high performing strains may allow for higher crop yields and increased control and traceability of the produced product.

On this basis, the main goal of the present thesis is to understand the prerequisites for the development of a sustainable seaweed aquaculture industry. The thesis starts with a qualitative assessment of the ecosystem service provided by a kelp farm, followed by a quantitative analysis of a wide array of environmental parameters possibly affected by seaweed farming in the area. Particular attention is given to potential implications for a future seaweed aquaculture industry, especially in the context of sustainability. This is followed by an investigation into site selection for farm locations, both in terms of yield and quality of the seaweed biomass. Finally, the long-term stable preservation of male and female gametophytes using cryopreservation and the diversity, connectivity and population structure in Saccharina latissima along the Swedish west coast is assessed. This may offer a knowledge base that can be useful for conservation and management policy of future seaweed cultivation practices in the area, as well as for selective breeding programs. 

Föreläsare: Wouter Visch

Datum: 2019-11-08

Tid: 10:30

Kategorier: Naturvetenskap, Miljö, Hållbar utveckling, Forskning, Sustainable development

Arrangör: Institutionen för marina vetenskaper

Plats: Tjärnö marina laboratorium, 452 96 Strömstad

Kontaktperson: Pierre De Wit


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