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Scientific smorgasbord this week at Botan!

Nyhet: 2019-02-26

Scientific smorgasbord this week, with two lunch seminars  (Caroline Adiels on Wednesday has been postponed to the 3 April).
On Thursday 28 February: James Hagan, South Africa, who is here for an interview for a PhD position at the department:
Titel: What biodiversity and which trend? Assessing the many forms of marine biodiversity trend in the Anthropocene
On Friday 1 March:  Briece Loose, University of Rhode Island:
Title: The Central Arctic Methane Sponge:  Will microbial oxidation, and Arctic Ocean circulation clean up a future mess?

Abstract: Methane in the Arctic Ocean is stored as drowned permafrost, in clathrate hydrates, and within the ocean sediments; many of these deposits are found in relatively shallow waters between 20 and 1000 m.  Several recent discoveries of large methane vents from shallow Arctic shelves has prompted concern of a large atmospheric methane source to the atmosphere, but thus far atmospheric measurements suggest this flux is not significant.  Instead, we suggest that winter ice cover, shelf-basin exchange, and the Arctic microbial ecosystem produce a net sink of methane in the Central Arctic that has mitigated methane release since the last glacial maximum.   We consider how changes in sea ice cover and “Atlantification” of the Eurasian Basin may squeeze the Central Arctic methane sponge.


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